Agility Assessment


We provide insight into agility gaps & opportunities


Building an Agile Organization is not a fixed recipe. Changes must focus on goals and agility gaps. Detailed understanding of initial and intermediate states is therefore essential, so that next priorities can be set correctly—the Agile Way of Working.


Our assessment captures an objective snapshot of the current state through interactive retrospective sessions and data analysis. We also perform drilldowns into underlying drivers and causes with active involvement of all roles.


interactive session wall


data analysis




Outcome: execution plan with measurable changes

The outcome consists of detailed Agility Scans and a multi-dimensional Change Backlog with prioritized themes, epics and stories for execution.

Agility Scan

Our Agility Scans visualize initial, current and target state of organizational agility.

We assess this state rather accurately through qualitative feedback and measurable data for multiple dimensions of agility.

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agility scan

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change backlog


Change Backlog

We produce a Change Backlog with prioritized agility improvement items.

Items include:
Themes to reflect strategic business goals and agility targets.
Epics that each focus on a specific change area.
Story Mapping and OKRs to strategise a roadmap with priorities.
Storieschanges that we can accomplish within a limited time span.
Kanban board to plan, share and track activities.