Agility Strategy


We facilitate Agile Organization strategizing for each unique client


We guide organizations in creating solid agility strategies that focus on clear strategic goals. We do this through strategy workshops with active participation of sponsor(s), change agents and leadership teams. One of the key outcomes of these workshops is an agility strategy map in which goals, success metrics and contributing factors are articulated.


strategy workshop

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agility strategy map


We guide Agile Organization Design with customized elements


For any given current state of size, customers, technology, people, culture, and maturity we help to design the optimal configuration of agile elements by considering the organization as a whole and all its aspects that contribute or hinder agility.

Agile Organization Design Elements


We facilitate Agile Organization planning with roadmaps, OKRs, and backlogs

Themes, OKRs, Epic/Story Maps, Backlogs, Kanban Boards


Lean-Agile transformation activities consist of a combination of assessment/advice, learning and coaching.  We drive these activities as a value stream, with epics, stories and a backlog. In other words, we (let you) eat (y)our own dog food.


  • We set Themes to reflect the goals that we want to target.

  • We create Transformation Epics that each focus on a specific change area.

  • We define Transformation Stories—specific changes—that we can accomplish within a limited time span.

  • We use Story Mapping and OKRs to strategise a roadmap with priorities.

  • We use a Kanban Backlog to plan, share and track activities.

We leverage Agile Organization frameworks

Where it fits, we use proven frameworks as the basis for customization—SAFe and Spotify.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for Process Methods

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) provides solid guidance for organizations where many roles and complexities exist. Originally created for software organizations, SAFe has evolved into a highly configurable framework that functions well as a basis for many non-software organizations. agileXL is an authorised Scaled Agile training and consulting provider.


Spotify-based Agile Model for Culture & Organization

The strength of the Spotify Agile Model lies in the innovative approach to organization design and culture shaping. However, for it to be effective, we customize this model for each case. We also often deploy this model in combination with SAFe. agileXL training and coaching help create tribes and squads with an organic approach to alignment, autonomy and intrinsic motivation.


Custom-Fit / Hybrid Model

If the needs require it, we build a totally new model custom-fit hybrid models that are designed from the ground up for the client’s specific needs and situation.


We involve your leadership team and change agents

Lead-the-leaders, train-the-trainers, coach-the-coach

Cultural transformation starts with the leadership team. We equip your leadership team with the knowledge and skills to initiate these changes.
We offer train-the-trainer and coach-the-coach sessions to get change agents and internal coaches ready for guiding both culture, organizational, method and tools changes.


Our Promise

A number of working principles that we apply during every engagement help us guarantee maximum ROI on your agile investment.


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