We help you become Agile, organisation-wide

Why organisation-wide Agile

Most IT teams have improved flexibility, productivity and quality with Lean-Agile methods like Scrum and Kanban. However, organisations as a whole often remain ineffective due to weak business-IT alignment, project-based funding, a management-heavy culture, and a disconnected delivery pipeline.


What we do

agileXL helps organisations ‘be’ Agile and Lean end-to-end, with total alignment and collaboration, a thriving culture, and high customer value. Our expertise is to transform and “scale-to-fit” Lean-Agile culture, organisation structure, and multi-level life cycle methods.

How we do it

This is a showcase of typical elements in our custom-fit training and coaching.


Team-level Agile shortcomings

"Single-team" Agile methods like Scrum or Kanban generally do not suffice for 5+ teams and large programs, especially not when many dependencies exist. How do all IT teams align with business strategy, marketing, sales and finance? How are programs or platforms driven? How is the work of multiple inter-dependent teams planned, defined, architected and integrated? And how can engineering changes be synchronised and deployed frequently? 



Since frameworks are a means to implement strategy, we select and fit the framework to your needs. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Spotify Model with customisations have often helped us do this in a very effective way. Alternatively, we help you build and implement a complete custom-fit set of roles and processes.


In the industry: success factors and challenges

Industry surveys such as VersionOne's annual State of Agile survey demonstrate that Enterprise agility is increasing throughout organisations at an accelerated rate. The Agile scaling success factors and challenges measured in these surveys highlight the importance of culture, skills and experience.

V1SRVY scaling success factors 7.png
V1SRVY scaling failure factors 7.png

The scaling success factors and challenges measured in these surveys highlight the importance of culture, skills and coaching—all essential ingredients of agileXL's strategic scaling approach.


agileXL: Agility Partner for Digital Transformation


Agile for Non-IT Organisations

Enterprise agility is a key element of Lean-Agile Digital Transformations—this applies to both IT and non-IT organisations. As a Lean-Agile partner, we help you with strategy, skills and execution guidance to drive your journey. We onboard all parties with new mindset, skills, methods and tools in a frictionless and collaborative environment.